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Bus Story: Royally Peeved

February 3, 2012

So far the week has us by the scruff and is shaking the world like a Great Dane puppy with a new toy. I try and clear the shattered pieces of what began the day as goals in my head and glance about the ole 54. Among the browns and forest greens, she stands out. Full length ermine coat. Big fuzzy matching hat. Black gloves. She rides the bus as if it were her personal chauffeured carriage, head high, eyes imperious but kindly. Then, for just a moment, she seems to lose the regal bearing and looks about the bus with a bewildered and annoyed expression. This shift happens twice more before she seems to be consumed by the distraction and, in a grand huff, she pulls the bell and removes herself from the coach without so much as a glance back. Her highness, Princess Anastasia, has aged quite well, I must say.


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  1. busboy permalink

    Haven’t heard from you for a while. I hope your own vacation.

    • busboy permalink

      That’s some fine keyboarding there, busboy.

    • Thanks for looking out for me, my brother. I’ve shifted my commute and it’s impacting my creativity. Hoping to get back in gear soon.

      • busboy permalink

        Me, too. I miss your stories.

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