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Bus Story: Soon To Be Superhero

January 12, 2012

Frost coats the parked cars, lined up like packs of unidentified bundles of leftovers in the freezer. We make our way, stop by stop, through the dark, chilled morning. There is a clutch of Sullen Teens in the back, not a large enough group to make a full squadron, but a force to be reckoned with nonetheless. Loud Girl with bright pink hair is pronouncing that she wouldn’t wear white shoes. Ever. Another girl challenges her by coming up with scenarios where she might…as a nurse, or as part of a costume, or if they were suddenly all the fashion. Loud Girl and a sycophantic hanger-on make fun of Scenario Girl and inanely scoff at her suggestions. We stop prior to the Teens’ usual departure and Scenario Girl departs with an “okay then, bye!” Loud Girl asks the Yes-Friend who that was, with an imperious tone of disbelief that she dared to offer her notions of shoe wearing. None of the Teens knew her. Somewhere out there Scenario Girl hones her craft, and, some day in the future, she will emerge with her knee-high, patent leather white go-go boots as Unlimited Woman – able to kick that box you put your thinking in to smithereens in 3 seconds flat!


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One Comment
  1. Corpdaycare permalink

    I truly hope so – we are in desperate need of Unlimited Woman.

    Love this post.

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