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Bus Story: Get Your Needs Met

January 7, 2012

The rain spits on the potential riders as we wait for the arrival of our big, shiny, well-lit multi-ton caravan to transport us home. The bus arrives and we clamber aboard, waiting for the water to evaporate from our glasses and, for those with umbrellas, a quick shake-n-tuck puts them out of harms way. Doors close but we can hear a loud, eardrum shattering wail from up the street. Riders spot a woman at full run, tricky maneuver on the damp sidewalk, hollering for the bus to wait. Three or four riders take up the call and let Driver Dude the Third know, and the back doors swing open. The young woman fairly catapults on board, or so we think. She spins, and we see not one, but two small kiddies, one under an arm and one being pulled along as if holding on to a bucking bronco at the rodeo championship. The woman’s air-raid voice raises again as she encourages her companion to run faster. A second woman arrives with a massive stroller and yet another small tyke under an arm. Woman with The Voice is faltering with her burdens and two kind souls jump up, one relives her of a squalling toddler and the other helps steady her and assists Woman #2 with the stroller. All manage to get on board, settle and express their gratitude again and again to all who helped. AWOLNation sings in my ears and I marvel at the capacity of strangers and the compelling nature of the human holler. Ask for what you need. Shout if necessary. And say thank you when the universe responds.

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