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Bus Story: Wolf in Chic Clothing

December 28, 2011

It is not my usual bus. The sun is actually up and I’m heading in almost 2 hours later than usual. We had a power outage in the office so there was no reason to go in sooner, while I made phone calls to alert my co-workers. Power was restored ahead of schedule, and I’m going in. I step aboard behind a young, very attractive woman. She has her blonde hair piled loosely atop her head and is wearing a knit cashmere-esque sweater with black leggings, tucked into calf-high boots. Over her shoulder, I see a man take notice of her, and follow her with his eyes as she finds a seat. He’s nice looking, probably in his early 30’s, dressed like a fashion-plate. All of his outward appearances are crisp, well-tailored and stylish. And as he stares at Lovely Sweater Woman, I can almost see his visage transform from that of a handsome fella into a slavering, wild-eyed canine. I like wolves, so to say he became wolf-like is demeaning to those noble and well-mannered creatures. I half expected him to start drooling and stamping his foot and whistling, like one sees in a vintage Merrie Melodies cartoon or something Sally Cruikshank would dream up. If I had a bucket of water, he might find himself arriving at work very wet, with some ‘splaining to do.


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