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Bus Story: They Are Not the Wonder Twins, But You’re Close

December 23, 2011

As my Pandora station switches from George Winston’s “Winter” to music by Howard Shore from “Lord of the Rings”, the ole 54 glides through the dark morning. As the Friday before a holiday weekend, the ridership is sparse. There are the usual folks, like me, heading to work expecting a day of catching up with fewer distractions. There are one or two Shopping Juggernauts, decked out to get downtown before anyone else. And a couple that fits no standard classification. She is of indeterminate age, bundled from head to toe in a wild and random collection of coats, scarves and a jaunty stocking cap. She uses a gnarled cane, but moves with deft steps and a light bounce. He appears to be a hundred, if he’s a day, but despite his outward decrepitude, he, too, bounces when he walks and has a steady gaze. Separately, they are fascinating. Together, they give off a glow, particularly when he steadies her into her seat, or when she touches his arm as she sees their stop approaching. Leaving behind a wake of smiles as they pass, they carefully disembark into the city. It is the season of lights. It seems fitting that Father Christmas and his bride would come downtown for a little breakfast as they head into the final push to Sunday. Light your lights, gentle readers, and may there be joy and peace for all.


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  1. busboy permalink

    Very nice Christmas post. Thank you.

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