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Bus Story: Masking Application

December 21, 2011

The moon is as thin as a nice piece lox, hanging in the slowly lightening steel gray sky. Riding the 22 this morning, a woman climbs aboard and, after a long assessment of her seating options, settles on a spot and plunks down. She is probably in her early 60’s, judging by her hands. She has a globe of auburn hair that is swirled and packed high above her face. Already well made-up, she begins warming her mascara between her hands. Once that is of the correct consistency, layer upon layer of the thick black stuff is applied. Lip liner and color is next, followed by eyebrow pencil and finished off with a rouge. Rather sadly, she went from being a handsome woman with well applied, appropriate make up, to Extreme Face. We all wear masks of one sort or another and are constantly adjusting and refitting them as the situation dictates. I just wonder where she may be headed that her usual mask is insufficient, and she feels the need to add the next layer. Go forth and do battle, madam, for now are thee well armored.


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  1. Kathryn Schipper (Columbia on Intersect) permalink

    I think of it as “primer” and “topcoat.”

  2. busboy permalink

    “She’s sitting on one of the side-facing bench seats, holding a compact in one hand and applying lash thickener with the other.”

    First lines of a future post jotted down this week. There must be something in the air…although my co-rider is a high schooler.

    • My brother storyteller, that is remarkable synchronicity…if that’s the right term. In any case, it connects our worlds and stories and that’s pretty nifty. Thanks!

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