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Water Taxi Story: Fight or Flight…or just Freak.

November 23, 2011

We are few, this morning, on board The Rachel Marie. The grey ceiling of clouds hovers above, reflected in the slightly choppy waters, as we skim along. With so few of us making the journey today, it is easy to spot her. She has white hair, straight as you please, plunging from the crown of her head to her shoulders. White, white. Powder white. Marshmallow Fluff white. Her eyes are equally unnerving, pale milky blue-grey eyes that bulge out a little too far to be comfortable. The boat scoots along, nary a bump or jostle, quiet as you please. There are no howling kids, no snarling mastiffs…nothing to disturb our journey.  And yet, she jolts and starts at every little creak. Her head whips around when someone’s bicycle settles slightly in the bike rack. So when the captain’s stentorian voice announces that, due to the holiday, the boat will not be running again until Monday and wishes us all a happy Thanksgiving, she practically leaps out of her skin. So now I know why her hair is so white. Life scares her. Constantly.  I resist the urge to find a blanket and drop it over her head, like a bird-cage cover, with the hope that may calm her down. Go carefully into the day, dear. The world can be a trying place, indeed, and filled with dragons, monsters, and evil a’plenty, but a little adjustment of  your Freak-Out Response Mechanism might be in order.

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