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Water Taxi Story: Shine a Little Light. Or Even a Big One.

November 18, 2011

A rainy, cold trip home. The taste of snow in the air and the forecast has this town on edge a bit. The deeply rhythmical and rather haunting sounds of Clint Mansell’s soundtrack to “Moon” buffet my ears. I stare out of the window aboard The Rachel Marie at the dark waters of Puget Sound. Reflected in the glass, I see my fellow passengers, but as they are images of light seen against the glass and the water, they are like vapor; half-lit, semi-real. Imagining the earliest explorers, both at sea and in space, I marvel at what tricks their minds must have played on them in the dark. And I think on what mysteries our brains still muddle over as we look into our partially illuminated futures. We think we can see some shapes, and be they treasure, monsters or travelers from distant galaxies, it certainly makes for an interesting exploration. But I do wish I had a brighter torch now and again. A little less mystery and a little more clarity would be okay.

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