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Bus Story: A Voice Only a Parent Could Love. And Even Then, Only Just

November 14, 2011

Blue-black hair. Fluorescent lime green tutu over jeans. Chuck Taylor knock-offs. Hello Kitty backpack. Swears like the love-child of Lenny Bruce and Kathy Griffin. At a volume that threatens to rip the fabric of reality to tatters. She’s at the back of the ole 54 and holding court, as only a 13 year old can, regaling her pack with woes of hair dye and parental idiocy. I hop off at an early stop, and catch the wee shuttle to the water taxi. Choppy water, barking seals, pooping gulls, and even potential seasickness is well worth putting a body of water between me and this larval stage Banshee. She could molt any second and I’d like to be as far away as possible when that happens.


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  1. busboy permalink

    Fine, fine post.

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