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Bus Story: Rag Mop

November 9, 2011

It’s a gray drizzling start to the day as I start my bus-shuttle-water taxi route. A Levi Weaver station on Pandora swaddles me with soulful , clever songs about the interactions and misunderstandings between humans. A young woman, outfitted in black with a sheer, leopard-print scarf reads a magazine. I can’t see which one, but page after page are “articles” about this starlet or that country singer or this reality tv wife and their loves and tribulations, but mostly, it’s about their weight. Enter small child into the bus, on dead run down the aisle. Shrieking. And carrying a sippy-cup. Wet floor. Shooom-squeeeee-kerblammo! Kid is fine, but his beverage container pops open, spraying apple juice all over the woman. The magazine fulfills a better purpose now as a semi-absorbent mop.

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