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Water Taxi Story – Smarmy at Sea

November 2, 2011

With construction over, it’s great to see many new passengers who have found the benefits of traveling by water taxi aboard the Rachel Marie. There is a new guy sitting several rows ahead who is clearly trying the water-trip as an alternative to driving. He’s in a fancy-Dan suit, has a bottle-tan, and a $150 haircut. He’s on his phone, trying to wheedle a friend into picking him up at the dock. Nothing new there. Until he turns his head, as he promises his friend a “brew and a shot” in exchange for the ride, and winks and nods, knowingly. To no one. There is no one sitting near him. Certainly no one within range to be making this “aren’t I smooth?” sort of expression. I shake my head, thinking something came loose in my brain and I’m seeing things. But then he does it again, this time to the other side – still to no one – as he tells his friend that “he’s a true pal” for this favor. Wink wink. I convulse and throw up, just a little, in my mouth. We pass a group of harbor seals on our run. Perhaps he’s winking at them. Maybe he’ll have a little trip n’fall and we’ll see if the seals will give him a lift to the shore. Wink, wink.


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