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Water Taxi Story: A Stranger Depends on the Kindness of Sailors

October 19, 2011

The morning is dark. The gulls are groggy and making sort of cluck-grunt noises as they begin to stir. Off in the distance, I can hear seals barking to each other. The boat is ready to pull away from the dock, but there is a passenger who is just arriving and it’s 7:15a…departure time. The boat should leave, but the crew spots this last traveler for the trip at the far end of the pier, and they wait.  The latecomer doesn’t think the boat will hold for him, and isn’t hurrying.  He gets closer. Then he realizes they are waiting for him, and he begins the run…carefully, with a full backpack…along the pier and then down the dock.  It’s an odd sort of run; keep the backpack from banging, don’t slip, and go as fast as possible to show appreciation.  He scoots up the gangplank, breathlessly says “thank you” to the crew member at the door, and plunks into a seat.  I am reminded that it doesn’t take much to help out our fellow travelers on the journey, and the very kind men and women of the Rachel Marie took just a little longer to leave and made one person’s morning a little easier.  For my part, I’m just glad I didn’t fall in the water and will endeavor to be on time tomorrow.


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  1. Great story! Enjoying following you on Twitter. Happy you’re sharing the Water Taxi Experience.

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