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Bus (well, Water Taxi really) Story: A New Ride

October 12, 2011

Under the watchful gaze of mottled gray seagull, with the sunrise creating a blue-green streak through the breaking clouds, we wait for the water taxi. The ole 54’s bus route is going to experience some road closures, so I’m trying this nifty alternative for a bit. Tricky bit is that I get seasick quite easily, even on a 10 minute crossing, so in all weather, I’ll be outside on deck because that seems to allay my landlubbers stomach. Or inner ear. Whatever. Ridership of the “Rachel Marie” is light at this point, but a pair have graciously provided me with a story already. Big guy. Biiiig guy. Nice round face, business casual outfit, and simple Supercuts hair. But he’s got ogre in his family tree somewhere. His companion is his mom. She’s dinky. Very wee woman, decked out in high-end business suit. She’s teaching him – today the topic is checking accounts. Now he’s a grown man, probably 25 or so, but perhaps he’s never had to do this stuff himself. Until now. So Tiny Power Mom is teaching her gargantuan son the finer points of writing checks. The lecture is mundane. The visual is marvelous. I can’t wait to hear tomorrow’s lesson.


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