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Bus Story: Sibling Balance

October 4, 2011

Inhaling the crisp fall air, I see the promise of bluer skies peeking out above the clouds. There are only a handful of Sullen Teens this morning and a new pair joins them at a later stop. Only one is Sullen. They are unmistakably brothers, the younger might be 10 or 11 and the elder is 14 or so. The older brother is an Emo-version of Ron Weasley, round of face, with droopy ginger hair hanging into his eyes. His brother has the same structure but is blonder, with only a hint of ginger. The little fella is grinning his head off at something and his brother’s Sullen Quotient skyrockets. I follow the boy’s gaze and spot the object of one the grin. This of the few times when younger brothers at this age have leverage: puberty. There is an equally Emo-girl perched on the edge of her seat just a few rows ahead. Brother The Younger keeps looking at her, grinning, and slightly nudging his older sibling, who is desperately trying to activate his nonexistent invisible cloak. Just as I think the boy has pushed his brother to the point of getting slugged in the shoulder, the bus arrives at their stop. The younger jumps up, forgetting the floor is slightly damp, and almost does a face-plant. But his big brother snags him by his coat and keeps him on his feet. Sheepishly grateful, his little brother hops off safely and misses the last, lingering, longing look from his elder brother to the girl. As a little brother myself, I know we can be a troublesome lot at times, but it’s nice that our siblings still keep us from falling on our faces.


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  1. As the youngest of five – I can honestly say I love that last statement you made “It’s nice that our siblings still keep us from falling on our faces” – that is so true and I am very appreciative of that fact. Thanks for your insight and wisdom. You know I love your writing style, my friend.

  2. busboy permalink

    Another really nice story. Thanks.

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