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Bus Story: In Which Change Can Be Pretty

September 27, 2011

The dramatic early autumn sky is being a bit undecided this morning as white cotton-candy puffs give way to dark, blanketing rain clouds and then change back again. A little Mozart’s No. 40 in G Minor dances in my head as the ole 54 starts filling up. Rosy-Glasses Lady is here, beaming at the driver and the rest of us, and Dude with Top Secret Silver Briefcase has also joined us. (At this juncture, I hopped off the bus due to a large backup from an accident and made my way to the water taxi…continuing the story from memory.) Joining us was a young woman dressed in a double-breasted peacoat and a corduroy skirt. Her boots looked like someone took a Gucci handbag and made boots out of them. The striking thing was that her very lovely blonde hair was tied back with a bright blue ribbon. But not tied back normally – it was wrapped around the front of her head, with a massive bow right on her forehead, dangling into her eyes. She kept adjusting it, and each time, I expected her to move it farther back on her head. Nope, she wanted it right up front, like some little girl might put on her horse’s forelock. And then it hits me – it’s the next generation transformer: one minute she’s a lovely commuter woman and the next, twist-flip-shazammo – she’s My Little Pony.


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