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Bus Story: Learning to Evolve

September 21, 2011

Humanity often gives me hives. Odd to feel this way, I know, for someone in a career that focuses on helping humans do the best work of their lives, but it’s true. I often can’t read more than just enough news to get the big pictures, and chance encounters in many places result in a sadness about the state of human beings. But tonight, there was a little balance in the scale. As I was boarding the ole 54, I noticed a man with a white cane struggling to determine if our bus was the one he wanted. He wasn’t even sure if there was a bus, and almost stepped into the street. Before I could get out of my seat to help, I saw a young man touch his shoulder and take his hand. And then the young man began signing, gently and slowly. The passenger-to-be nodded, signed back, and rewarded the young fella with a grateful smile that brought tears to my eye. As I relaxed back into my seat and the bus pulled away, I could see the man and the kind soul conversing, through the only avenue available, a language that can be conveyed by touch. As a species, we’re really quite young and have much to learn about each other. It is nice, from time to time, to be presented with the remarkable capacity for compassion and tenderness that we have within our fledgling, still evolving selves.


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  1. Sweet story. It’s nice to know there are still those out there that genuinely care about others, in this crazy world of ours.

  2. katherine permalink

    So nice… there are good people. I believe.

  3. busboy permalink

    Nice post.

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