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Bus Story: An Unexpected Passenger

September 15, 2011

Traffic is chunky this morning but we have a new driver who is cheerful and she calls out the stops, which, even for a seasoned rider is a nice extra touch. The ridership feels her enthusiasm and there is a lift to the otherwise “isn’t it Friday yet?” mood. One lanky rider hasn’t looked up from his iPhone since he got on board. He’s young, tall and inconspicuously dressed, with Clark Kent glasses. His hair looks like he got ready in a wind tunnel. His shoes catch my attention, as they are quite exquisite sneakers, in shades of green and off-white. They look like they would make someone run very fast. And then I notice small markings towards the heel. He’s too far away for me to see clearly, but they might be wings. He still stares intently at his iPhone, attention never wavering. At first, I wonder why Hermes would join us on the ole 54, but then I realize that even the god of travelers needs someone else to handle transport now and again while he catches up on Facebook.


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