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Bus Story: It Doesn’t Clash If It Makes You Happy

September 14, 2011

I don’t much like other days that act like Monday. One is enough per week, thank you very much. A hydra-esque task list that grows three more items for every one accomplished is a sure sign of Mondayness. Tiny moment of glee when a bus is waiting for me at the stop and I can stroll on and find a seat. But only just as the Sullen Teens are out in force this morning. I weave through and step over legs, clothes, bags and other detritus, plunk down and fire up a Linkin Park Pandora station. As Chester’s soul-wrenching voice wraps around my head, I notice a young girl whose outfit catches my eye. It is best described as a GagaTeenMyLittlePony blend. She’s just at the age when she’s moving away from little girl things and trying out some more adventurous clothes, but she’s not quite there yet. Her hair, top, legging/skirt combo and accessories are edgy and clearly Gaga-inspired. But she has a little girl’s backpack; I can’t see the logo, but it’s very pink and Rainbow Brite. Keep on expressing yourself, little miss, and hold on dearly to your childhood. Now, where did I put my Hot Wheels lunchbox?


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