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Bus Story: Closing an Open Invitation

September 1, 2011

It’s my favorite sort of morning (other than the weekend-sleep-in kind): hint of blue sky with a fog drapery covering the trees and lampposts. The air smells like fall, crisp, clean and cool. Weather report is still summer-like, but the mornings are a precursor to more baking and long braising dinners that fill the house with good smells. As I sit in my flaky biscuit baking reverie, I hear a young woman ask the man next to her if he could help open the window. He’s bespectacled and has a rather odd straw hat. He says he tried and can’t, so a nice fella across the aisle stepped over and helped open the window. The woman thanked them both and went back to reading her book, head down, eyes focused. Straw Hat Man keeps talking about how hot the bus is, how hard the windows are to open and the weather in general. He’s talking to the woman. Well, to the side of her head. She’s not responding or acknowledging. He continues, undeterred by the fact that he’s now monologuing. He winds down, eventually, and returns to looking this way and that, perhaps seeking another invitation. The Rules of Bus Conversation need better dissemination; clearly we have two people working off different versions.


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