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Bus Story: In Which I Try To Listen

August 31, 2011

The world pushes. News hurts. Time and expectations contract and expand. Breathing is concentrated upon to ensure that a moderate flow of tranquility is maintained. I hear the lyrics “we rant and roar like true Newfoundlanders” and it makes me smile. To have an identity that calls for ranting and roaring (and singing about it) is marvelous. Settling into a seat, a man with a guide dog takes the spot opposite. The dog is an attentive dark chocolate Labrador with a smiling face and ancient, deeply caring eyes. The man rests his hand on the dog’s shoulder, and quietly speaks words of encouragement and praise. Tears well up, unbidden, and I have to look away. Love. Compassion. Appreciation. Patience. All the rest is noise. The Universe tries to teach us things in moments of chaos and discomfort. We have but to listen. And occasionally roar.


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  1. busboy permalink

    Another really nice one. Thanks.

    • Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts – it means a lot coming from you, my brother bus rider/writer!

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