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Bus Story: Kinda Fuzzy on the Details

August 24, 2011

A warm summery day and I catch a bus just as I arrive at the stop. A few regulars are here: Rosy-View Lady, Should Have Stayed Home Guy, and one of the big-haired Superhero Women (bereft of her super-suit). I settle into a seat and fire up some older Lindsey Buckingham on Pandora. Not long after, a big guy gets on board and is having a Big Loud Conversation with a skin-and-bones dude carrying a rain stick. I think the conversation had to be at top volume because the skinny guy kept turning the ferschluginnah stick over and over. What really captured my attention was the ferret riding on the big man’s shoulder. He had a teeny chain collar that the man-mountain was delicately holding in a fist the size of my head. The ferret was looking ahead, and then back at the rain-stick wielding scarecrow dude. So, of course, I wonder if the rain stick guy is still haggling with the ferret on a fair price for his new bearer. Ferrets may be squirmy, but they know a proper shoulder and will pay a good shaman for quality work.


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