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Bus Story: Style Matters

August 19, 2011

Jeff Lynne’s “Every Little Thing” kicks about in my ears as Friday arrives. I shake my head and rub my eyes as a George Gobel look-alike climbs aboard. There are two distinct women within spitball range who think they are entitled to both the seat they sit in and the one next to them. But it is neither the Hollywood Squares flashback nor my indignant crankiness at selfish people that is this morning’s story. The story today is about the man with the hat. He’s probably 80 or so, and seems to be carved from a piece of rich, weathered hard wood, like an item made in the Black Forest style. Creased and life-worn are his face and hands. His eyes, small and dark, shine like obsidian insets. He is impeccably dressed, in a tailored brown suit with faded green accents and striping. Perfectly polished and well loved Oxfords rest on the bus floor. And there is his hat. A gorgeous Homberg rests on his head. I am in awe of how it completes him and makes me yearn for a time of distinguished style and nifty hats. But even if times change, class never goes out of style. So as I exit the bus, I smile, and bow my head ever so slightly in thanks to the Man in the Hat for demonstrating that so elegantly.


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