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Bus Story: Don’t Call Him a Doll (unless you plan on buying him dinner)

August 15, 2011

Monday arrives, quietly disturbing the weekend’s enjoyment like an invasion of slugs, munching away at the hostas in your garden. There is a wee boy towards the back who is very unhappy and, despite the very good, calming tones his parents are adopting, he is wailing his displeasure at a window-rattling pitch. Seemingly unfazed by this is a man I first see only from the back. But later, he shifts seats, and is facing sideways. And I do a double-take. Very short and perfectly trimmed brown hair. Full beard, also brown and also perfectly trimmed. Round head, controlled but still bushy eyebrows, raptor-like gaze and a small, but appropriately shaped nose. He is average height and in good shape. Most of all, his expression never changes. Whether child screams, or the bus lurches, or a statuesque woman glides past, he is stoic. It’s nice to see that GI Joe has settled in our town after retiring from his tour. I just hope he can unlatch his Kung-Fu grip from the bus rail and doesn’t miss his stop.


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