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Bus Story: Color My Monday

August 1, 2011

Picture perfect morning with blue skies, a gentle breeze and early morning sunlight glinting off oft-purchased but rarely seen Pacific Northwest sunglasses. A woman comes aboard carrying a large bouquet of flowers. The vibrant gold, deep claret, and brilliant purple colors are in sharp contrast to the usual colors of my commute. Most riders are going to work and are in muted tones or black. One exception is one woman wearing gold sandals with bright aqua toenail polish. But, to be fair, the rest of her outfit is beige and black (the clash of her feet to the rest of her is another story). The flowers remind me that the work lives of those of us in the corporate world is mostly in gentle, non-confrontational colors. We have lost some of the need to display ourselves vibrantly, as the animal kingdom does. And in losing that need, we have muted our “palate of success,” if you will. I say it’s time to change that. Work places can and should be vibrant. Add color to the space when and where you can – there will be disagreement about it, but that’s healthy and good for the soul discourse. A lime green wall might change the world!


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