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Bus Story: A Tuesday Look at Warp and Woof

July 26, 2011

Got walloped with the Monday Stick yesterday. Now facing the promise of Tuesday with the rest of the riders on a gray, drizzly morning. Now I’m what some call a Mossback (affectionately, I’m convinced), I actually like this damp, cooler weather. All the time. Yes. I’m weird. Anyway, the weather doesn’t get me but the look of two of my fellow riders causes me to wonder why I don’t travel with a flask of something “for medicinal purposes.” We’ve seen them before, but with slightly different avatars. Today, the familiar pair are two well-dressed women, gossiping vehemently. The younger is Clotho and her slightly older companion is Lachesis, two of the three Fates. They ride the ole 54 from time to time, apart from their sister, Athropos, plotting to do away with her. Jealousy over her role as the one who cuts the thread, which they see as the most powerful job, the two younger sisters scheme and plot. They are a creator and a measurer by nature, so they can hatch great plans, but fortunately for their eldest sibling, and the world, they can’t seem to execute the ideas. The intensity of their machinations are palpable, however, and I only hope no one in the Fates’ universe has a organizational consultant who suggests cross-training. Each to their own strength, in this case, makes a stronger cloth.


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