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Bus Story: No Thanks, I’ll Just Glare

July 20, 2011

Mid week and the bus is crowded but not packed. Many of us are already thinking about the commute home as our local team is playing Manchester United this evening and there are many bus reroutes to help manage the expected traffic. A fiddle, pipe and drum jig careens in my ears as our last passenger arrives before we head downtown. She’s of indeterminate age, with a clearly home “bedazzled” newsboy cap and hair down to the small of her back. She is trying to complete the attempt at a Stevie Nicks look with a peasanty blouse thing and soft fringed boots. There are a couple of spaces for her to sit, but they require some folks to skootch closer together. They do, all with smiles and one gestures for Lady Bedazzle to sit. She declines. Fair enough. Further along the aisle, a man starts to stand to give her his seat. She gestures him back with a shake of her head. Also fair enough. I get not wanting to sit or feel like someone should give up something for you. But then, as we make our way, she makes a big show of how annoyed she is to be standing while others sit, grabbing dramatically at the handrail, sighing deeply, tsk-tsking and rolling her eyes. There are few things less attractive than ungrateful people, but I think Seat Martyrs might just take that prize. Generosity is a two-way street, oh Bedazzled One, and you might look carefully when you cross it – Karma drives a big rig.

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