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Bus Story: Violet and Tiny can be Dangerous

July 16, 2011

A different route and a different bus as I head to an evening out. The riders are different but similar and the Friday evening anticipatory glee is palpable. A small woman with lavender hair and tattoos along her neck fairly dances down the aisle. Her eyes sparkle as she takes in the sights of the rest of us. Until she reaches a tall man with an orange spray-tan and a dead-behind-the-eyes stare. She gasps, audibly, and retreats to the back and seems to hunker down and regain her composure. When a pixie has gone to all the energy to get bigger and ride the bus, she doesn’t have as much faerie-whoop-ass to fight a wight as he dead-walks his way back to his graveyard. If she has time to get small, he’d better watch out!


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