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Bus Story: Scored Observations

July 13, 2011

Listening to a Pandora station that often cycles around to movie soundtracks – not musicals, but the companion music to movies like “Moon”, Requiem for a Dream”, and “American Beauty”. Very moody stuff. It can make simple things, like watching a line of cars inch forward, seem ominous and exciting. With a particularly intense tune careening around my head, the chattering teens in the back corner transform into two out of three Fates, plotting against their third, unfortunately absent, sister. The music shifts to something languid and pastoral and the tightly wound woman sitting sideways with her neat hair-bun and sensible blue cardigan sweater becomes a genius-level mathematician. On this night, she will discover the answer to a theorem. By unlocking that particular answer, one of the Universe’s laws of time will become available to her and she will transport herself to the court of King Arthur. Once there, she will fall in love and have a full and marvelous life with a knight of the realm. As I have said before, music is bubble-wrap for the soul. And I would add that, if you let it, a musical score of your daily commute can make it much more interesting.


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