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Bus Story: We All Need Reminders

July 7, 2011

The morning surprised us with a blanket of warm mist-drizzle. It’s the sort of weather you really can’t dress for; even a light rain slicker is too much and you end up deciding whether being hot is better or worse than being wet. A recognizable rider has joined us this tropical morning – the Bird Lady is in her usual seat. Her transformative work seems to be going well as she’s put aside her black  cloak and beret. She’s dressed today in red and white stripes, much like the inhabitants of The Village from the original Prisoner tv show. Her darting, quizzical looks and sudden movements give away a hint of her avian nature, but she’s made progress, most definitely. She tilts her head sideways as she looks into her satchel, and begins rummaging for something. Out comes one handwritten note, torn off from a larger page. She looks at it, scrunches her mouth a little, and then puts it back.  With a flash, her hand goes in again and out comes another note, again handwritten, but on different paper. She reads this one. Sighs.  Reads it again and smiles, ever so.  Back it goes into the satchel.  That seems to have taken a great deal of her energy, so she closes the satchel and turns her attention to the passing view and the drizzle coming down the windows of the ole 54. I imagine the notes she has written to herself :  “Don’t forget you have lips in front of your mouth that move and are flexible.” “Remember to practice smiling. Take a breath and try a small one every morning.” It doesn’t matter what your tasks are, or whether you need to order a cake or transform yourself from bird to human, these little reminders can be very helpful.


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