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Bus Story: Seasonal Riders

July 5, 2011

Tuesdays after three-day weekends are a bit clunky. I turn up the volume on the Flogging Molly tune playing in my ears, hoping the raucous music will kick-start my brain. A woman gingerly joins the ridership, stepping oh-so carefully down the aisle. Thick, dark glasses dominate her face, and she flinches when a wee kiddie in the front shrieks – I restrain my desire to loudly ask, “DO YOU HAVE THE TIME?!”, despite how fun it might be. For me. A few minutes later, another woman climbs aboard. In sharp contrast, this woman is radiant, in a flowing blouse-dress thing that would work in an office or on a beach in the Bahamas. She smiles at all as she finds a seat directly opposite Fraulein Hangover. Amazingly, the flowy woman seems to effect a change on her counterpart, and the sunglasses come off and the formerly wincing woman grins, wanly at first but it blossoms into a lovely smile. Summer has arrived, at last, and is kind enough to share a ride on the ole 54 with us.


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One Comment
  1. katherine permalink

    love the blossoming… thanks!

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