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Bus Story: An Odd Sort of Warrior

June 30, 2011

Last day of June. Gray morning. The Sullen Teens are all on break so it’s just us. A general malaise of commuters going to work seems to float around the bus, like a cranky poltergeist with a poopy diaper. Into our midst comes a slightly anachronistic vision. An older man, with disarrayed gray hair, climbs aboard. He’s in a taupe polyester suit that looks like it hasn’t been out of the closet for a decade or three. His tie, neatly knotted, is from the late sixties in width and design. Carrying an old, worn briefcase, stuffed to capacity with jumbled papers, he brings to mind an accountant who, for years and years, worked in his neighborhood office, perhaps living in an apartment above it. And today, one of his long-standing clients is in big trouble, and he’s off to court to help him. Unfamiliar territory for someone who has worked taxes and the occasional business plan for the same handful of loyal, uncomplicated clients over the years. His expression is a mixture of worry, frustration that his papers are sticking out of his briefcase, and confusion about where to sit on the ole 54. Go bravely to the battle, ye Crusader of Numbers! And treat yourself to a new suit of armor – you’ll feel much better!


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