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Bus Story: Reading the News and Other Acts of Necessary Discomfort

June 27, 2011

Monday arrived like a ninja, catching me well off-guard. It just didn’t seem like it was time yet – might be that my watch battery died, so I am a bit temporally adrift. Managed to catch a bus, but read the news while waiting. Always a bad way to start the week for me. Settling in my seat, I spy a couple taking a sideways bench a little more towards the front. They are both in shades of blue-gray, gray, and black. Each have closely cropped hair; hers is only slightly longer than his. Think of the musician Moby, but less…robust. They have finished sharing some breakfast snack. He’s eating as if he has just been released from a gulag – savoring each swallow. It is heartbreaking and yet, I am mesmerized. Then I understand: the avatars of Hope and Common Sense have been released from whatever prison was holding them, but they need some nourishment – big time. Chin up, you two, we’ve made some progress this weekend, and let’s get you into the diner on the corner and order up some good, hearty stick-to-your ribs breakfast. Get the flapjacks on the griddle – I got important folks to feed, pronto!


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