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Bus Story: Fickle Finger of Fu*(*Fate’s 2nd Cousin)

June 23, 2011

Dramatic shift in the weather from summery sunshine yesterday to this morning of drizzle and gray. A woman is bringing her daughter to work today. The girl seems to be 8 or so and is at that age when she makes Pronouncements of How Things Are. She declared that if the bus got stuck in traffic, then she and her mother “would just have to get off the bus”. Period. No question. She is also still pointing at people. Mom corrects her, but the struggle between wanting to be clear who she is indicating to her Clearly Nearsighted Mother and the societal fact that pointing is rude hasn’t clicked yet. Which made me think: has pointing at someone always been rude? We point when people are chosen for stuff – good stuff as well as bad. But it’s such a clear no-no, in general, to point at people. Leftover from spell-casting days, perhaps? Pointing might have meant putting the Evil Eye on someone, so clearly, it needed to be reserved for special moments. Makes me want to suggest that everyone point at people during your next meeting or dinner party. Let’s put this societal agreement to the test. Go ahead. I’ll wait…


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