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Bus Story: Votre Chapeau est…Odd

June 13, 2011

We’re having a misty, drippy damp morning and, while everything smells lovely and rinsed-off, it throws off the rhythm of expected June weather. It has also caused several riders to don head apparel that, otherwise, might have stayed in their closets for another season. Eschewing caps or hoods, for the small number of riders today, a goodly number are wearing trilbies, a fedora joined us a moment ago, and I’m sure that’s a homburg on the guy near the front. At first I thought a local haberdasher was having a clearance sale. Then I spotted a fellow tucked in the corner-back of the bus, lurking behind a newspaper – he looks vaguely like David Wayne – and so now I know The Mad Hatter is up to some nefarious doings. I sure hope the ole 54’s BatSignal is charged up and ready to shine into the misty morning!


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