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Bus Story: Trespassers W and Time for a Little Something

June 8, 2011

For early June, it’s a tad gray this morning. My Pandora station is scarily appropriate as it hits me with “Here Comes the Sun” and an ELO song that has lyrics about the sun coming out. I see a woman in a sideways seat who looks like Sterling Holloway. Now that is as much about how feminine Holloway could look as much as how handsome she is. If you don’t remember Sterling Holloway, just close your eyes and think of the voice of Winnie-the-Pooh – that soft, rather raspy, highly pitched voice. It’s a sound that rests deep in my soul – his laugh, or just the memory of it, can transport me to childhood, first listening to Pooh and his friends on my little record player. The characters Milne gave us reside in our collective experience and books, doctoral theses and lectures have been written about their potential transcendence from fictional characters to explorations of the human psyche. I’m far less esoteric in my love of the denizens of The Hundred Acre Wood. I appreciate Rabbit’s drive and Tigger’s passion. I adore Kanga’s steadfastness and Piglet’s fierce loyalty. Owl’s pursuit of knowledge, however flawed, and Pooh’s acceptance of the world make my heart swell. And dear Eeyore reminds us that what is in our heart is more important than anything else. I look around the bus, with a mist of memory hanging around my head, and imagine if people were just a little less complicated and a little more like Winnie-the-Pooh. Here’s my stop. I suddenly have craving for something sweet.


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  1. Elizabeth permalink

    I’m right there with you Richard. I’m wowed by the power of remembering. Right down to my mouth watering!

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