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Bus Story: There’s a Rainbow to Fly Over…Somewhere

June 6, 2011

Monday arrives and brings a gray sky. As if echoing the weather, Driver Dude announces that he’s switching routes and this is his last week with us. The gray intensifies. As the ridership and I express our sadness and appreciation to Driver Dude, I notice a young woman. Well, I actually notice her shoes, first. They are ruby-red sneakers. The rest of her outfit is rather mundane in a nice way: simple slacks, a serviceable light coat over a pleasant, if a bit beige-y, blouse. But those shoes are captivating. They aren’t sparkly, and seem to have some wear to them, but there is no denying, they are red, like the deep, glorious red of a proper, magnificent ruby. I put two and two together and realize that Dorothy has put on her weather-appropriate ruby slippers, and is riding along for the week before she and Driver Dude head off to Oz. He’s joining the ruling council, as he has the heart, brains and courage to match, as well as generous sense of humor. Click your heels three times, Sneaker Dorothy, and keep our Driver Dude safe.


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