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Bus Story: They May Be Small, But Theys Got Skills

May 31, 2011

It’s a Monday’s Tuesday as we return from a three-day weekend. Three Dog Night howls in my ears about “Black and White” and, as I smile at the message and enjoy the time travel, I notice something interesting at the front of the bus. Apparently, it is the Children’s Hour, and there are no fewer than four unrelated kids under the age of 3 each with a parent scrunched together near Driver Dude. And wedged between two of the small boys is a young man who was sitting there first and had the kiddies plant themselves around him. He looks uncomfortable and isn’t one of those people who naturally and easily engages with wee ones. And they instinctively know it. Cats and small children have the uncanny ability to hone in on the person least likely to play with them and make it a personal mission to convince them otherwise. It’s like the guy is wearing peanut butter and cartoon scented cologne. Staring intently at your book won’t help, goober – they’ve got you in their sights. Operation Adoration is underway in 3…2…


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