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Bus Story: Too Cool to be Cold

May 27, 2011

The Friday before a holiday weekend and, despite the seemingly unseasonable chilly morning air, the ridership is fairly bursting with anticipation of an extra day off. There are heavier coats than most expect for almost Memorial Day, but we live in a very changeable climate – it may be sunny and warm by lunchtime – so we shrug, pull our coats around us, and go forward. Then a squadron of school kids clambers aboard for a stop or two. These aren’t Sullen Teens – they seem to be at the stage just before the Sulk and the Malaise drape their tentacles over them; they are probably 13 or 14 at most. The para-squad of girls are making “squee” sounds over some video on an iPhone and the boys are standing together, not making eye contact with anyone (least of all, the girls), and looking like they would jump, tuck and roll off the bus if they thought they could. What really stands out is that the boys are all in tee-shirts and shorts. Not a shiver, crossed-arms, or any indication that they are uncomfortable in the least. I am sure that surging hormones have something to do with their tolerance for cold, but there is also the sheer willpower to be seen as tough, impervious to pain, and sporty. It makes me laugh. It also makes me think about our mind’s ability to affect our physical responses if we pay enough attention. The next time I have to do something really difficult, and my stomach is in knots, I’ll try and remember the Too Cool To Be Cold Boys, and apply the same bravado to my task at hand. Those goobers don’t know it, but from the right viewpoint, they are sages of the ole 54. At least until they get Sullen.


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