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Bus Story: Bell, Book and the Daily Commute

May 23, 2011

A Monday’s Monday arrives, with scattered clouds but bright blue sky peeking through. Should Have Stayed Home Guy is sitting behind me, sniffling and reeking of stale cigarettes. I hear a tinkling sound, just once, and can’t locate it. Chalking it up to a bus squeak, I am just about to put on my headset, when I hear it again. A bell is ringing ever so gently somewhere in front of me. And then I see it – a languidly dark and lovely young woman is removing a necklace and putting it into her bag, and the necklace has a small bell attached to it. It chimes once more and is lost to the depths of her purse. The woman looks relieved, as if removing the bell necklace was something she had been waiting to do for a long while. She turns, ever so gracefully, and I meet her eyes – green and predatory. You can bell the cat during the weekend, but when she transforms and heads for work on the ole 54, all bets are off.


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  1. Can I tell you how much I love this entry? First off, the SHSAH Guy— I knew him instantly with just the small detail of the stale cigarettes. Conjured up a whole person with one sniff. And the woman with the bell— how mysterious, how alluring! I wanted a story to start right there. Graceful… and then predatory. Perfect.

    • Thank you, dear James – I am glad you liked this one too. Your comments and support really mean a great deal!

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