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Bus Story: Monstrous Distraction

May 18, 2011

Yesterday filled with sadness and today’s sunshine-blue-sky can’t diminish the hurt. Gary Jules sings about a “mad world” in my ears. As tears return, I need to distract my brain, and glance around. A young man in a Fancy Suit is reading, highlighter in hand. His suit is so Fancy, his pocket square has not one, but three, points and subtly matches the faint stripe in his starchy dress shirt. He’s reading something about “monster ideas”, from what I can see, and there is a little, squat green monster on the cover. He concentrates, then uncaps the yellow pen and diligently highlights a line or two. My attention is caught by someone sitting across the aisle from him, who looks like he is just short of bursting out of his ill-fitting clothes. He’s bulky, to put it mildly. He also snorts a bit, puffing air out of an overly wide nose. If I squint a bit, I can see tusks just barely hidden in his maw of a mouth, and his ears, half-hidden under a mop of messy hair, have a tufted look to them. If I were Fancy Suit, I’d put the book away. The Orc across the aisle may not know how to read, but I’m sure the depiction of the monster on the cover of that book hurts his feelings and it’s a short distance in an orc’s psyche from insulted to enraged.


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  1. 😦 Mad World…that song can bring me to tears without reason, for your ride this morning it must have been like melodic emotional suicide. But onto the orc, LOL, what a fabulous pairing that must have been!

  2. Sorry you’re feeling blue, bubbe. Hope it clears, like the weather apparently has…

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