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Almost a Bus Story: Try and Try Again…then Revisit the Plan

May 10, 2011

A gray but warmer morning finds me standing at the bus stop, with the haunting, gravelly sound of Rob Dougan’s “Born Yesterday” playing in my ears. Across the street are a mated pair of crows gathering nesting material. I know some people don’t care for these precocious birds, but I have always had a soft spot in my heart for them.  One crow is gathering dried grass from under a tree, pulling it free and arranging it in a little pile. I suppose the pile helps to give the crow some idea of how much it has gathered. The other one is intently focused on a stick. A big stick. It’s not thick but it’s at least twice the length of the crow. The bird keeps lifting it this way and that, trying to figure out how it’s going to get it into a size that is useful, or how to break it.  It drops it to the ground, again and again.  It stands on part, and tries to lift it with it’s beak. It pecks at it. Over and over, it tries different ways to make the stick fit what it needs. There must have been something rather lovely about that stick, to have the crow spend this much time on it, but it was just too unwieldy. So after looking sideways at the stick for a long while, the crow turned, and hopped over to its mate and helped gather dried grass. My bus arrived and I left them to their task. Sometimes the stick is too big. Sometimes you don’t have the right tools or the strength to make something happen exactly the way you want, at first. But nests can be built without the perfect stick; just look at it sideways and adjust. Trust me, crows know stuff.


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  1. Molly permalink

    love your stories, I read them everyday! Thanks Richard

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