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Almost a Bus Story: Big Heart, Little Budget

May 4, 2011

While waiting for the bus this evening in the gently sprinkling rain, I caught sight of a fellow making his way to the bus stop. I noticed him because he was very tall and gaunt, and even from a distance, I sensed something amiss. Y’know, that feeling you get when you spot someone whose deck has no face cards. He got closer and I found that he was muttering nonstop to himself. His general countenance was frayed – hair sticking up at odd angles, eyes searching anxiously, sneakers oddly torn, and an old, tweed sport coat that surely had seen much better times. As he passed me, I saw a large red felt heart had been sewn on the back of his jacket. Two smaller hearts adorned his elbows, where leather patches might traditionally reside. The recession has even reached the halls of Olympus and Aphrodite’s son had to cut some corners. Coming to earth has unhinged Eros a bit and Love is in need of a good therapist, effective meds, and a good meal.


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