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Bus Story: The Ovation Challenge

May 2, 2011

A remarkably lovely spring weekend shifts into the gray of Monday, both in weather and the Mondayosity of it all. I’m listening to a Chieftain’s song recorded live, and as it finished, there was a few seconds of enthusiastic clapping before Pandora switched to a new song. The applause got me thinking about how good it makes people feel. It is both acknowledgement and appreciation in one event. It makes one’s shoulders straighten and chest puff out, just a little. I was a theatre actor for many years because I loved telling stories and craved the resulting applause.  Interestingly, while a group of people applauding is exciting, the sound of just a few individuals clapping can be heartbreaking and even have sarcastic tone…if clapping can be said to have tone. What if every time someone got on the bus, everyone applauded? As long as there are enough of us, it would be an amazing way to start the day. How about clapping for each other more at work? Good, honest applause for a job well done or just for making someone’s task easier. Most everyone will like to have some clapping for their accomplishments…other than dogs and cats. Don’t clap at them. They don’t care for it much. I think I’ll start by applauding people as they get on the ole 54.  I may get more than a few weird looks and a black-eye or two, but there are sacrifices to be made when we’re changing the world.


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  1. Clap,clap,clap,clap……….what a wonderful idea.did you make it thru the bus ride ?

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