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Bus Story: Arcs, Stanzas, and Bridges

April 26, 2011

From where I’m sitting this pale gray morning, I can see feet. Driver Dude is taking us on our journey in an older coach, and from my seat towards the back, I can see the feet under the seats of a large section at the front. Shiny men’s dress shoes, brown canvas sneakers, women’s flats in scuffed black, and soft mid-calf boots, with little fringy bits on the top. I realize my own foot, in a white Adidas sneaker, is tapping along with the Ashley MacIssac tune in my ears; and, upon closer inspection, a few of the visible feet are also tapping to their own rhythm. And so I thought: wouldn’t it be nifty if there was a collective music station, or system, that is tied to the actual bus you are riding? If one wanted to, you could plug in headphones and listen to the same music as your fellow riders. Taking it a step further, what about a music appreciation series on the bus, out loud, no headphones – a style, composer, genre presented each week for all to hear, sing along with and discuss?  As we roll along to work or home, we discuss whether scandal influenced Mahler’s style, how the harmonies of Gregorian chants are different from the harmonies of The Eagles, and listen to the orchestral influence nature of bands like ELO and Earth, Wind & Fire. Taking the concept to my usual extreme, I now want a new superpower to spontaneously gather groups of people together to sing. Wherever they may be, I pull them together, give each the confidence to sing their part, and on the street, the bus, at work, or in a restaurant, group song fills the air. The extra leap into fantasy is that the songs have power – they change minds, create food and warmth, and heal. Sometimes I wonder where in my head this stuff comes from.  But other times, it’s quite obvious. Just watch the news or stroll the streets of the city where you live. Simply put, we need more music.


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  1. Suddenly feel the need to crank up the volume on Pandora in my office…you’re right, we do need more music! Although, if you ever heard me sing you might feel differently about the communal part 🙂

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