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Bus Story: Waffle Personified

April 20, 2011

A big grin from Driver Dude starts the ride this morning. The Sullen Teens are on break, and for our first few stops, there are just a handful of us. There is a familial feeling when it’s a small group, even if we’ve never seen each other. As we progress, the bus fills nicely and we’re almost ready for the final scoot to downtown. Two stops before the last, a woman seems to be having difficulty deciding if she’s getting on our bus or waiting for another. Driver Dude is very patient and, eventually, with a big-armed gesture of finality, she climbs aboard. She’s probably in her 40’s, very slight, with a riot of black, curly hair that is barely contained under a painter’s cap. She then pauses at the front of the bus, deciding on whether she is using her transit card or paying cash. Driver Dude smiles, pulls away from the curb, and let’s her think about it. After what feels like hours, she swipes her card, and turns to head down the aisle.  And then halts, as she has to decide where to sit. There are too many choices, apparently. She starts to sit in a sideways seat, but then stops in mid-squat, smiles wanly at the woman she would have been sitting next to and moves on. She takes a few hesitant steps, looking from one side to the other. She is agonizing about where to sit; her face is a study in conflicted reasoning.  I can only imagine what is going into her decision-making.  Pausing at one empty seat after another, she finally decides and slides into a seat next to a woman whose cough would make Camille back away. The Avatar of Indecision rides the ole 54 this morning. This Spirit’s presence reminds me to be more decisive whenever possible – seeing the waffling effect walking amongst us makes it very clear that there are times to consider options and there are times to just make a move. Go. Do. Now.


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