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Bus Story: Evolution and Sentience

April 15, 2011

It’s raining sideways. The bus, the riders, and all the city are damp. But without the little slip that dropped me into my seat with a ker-thump, I might not have looked up and spied her. I looked up after I crashed into my seat for much the same reason cats look around when they fall off the back of the couch…the level of embarrassment is directly proportional to the number of observers. By looking around, I saw a rider that I thought long gone from the ole 54: the bird lady. As you may remember from here and here, gentle readers, that in addition to resembling a stork or other elongated feathered friend, she was always reading books about birds. Although the ghost of Rod Serling never appeared, I was often convinced it was a slight shift in reality. So today she’s back; in the same seat, in the same dark, draped black coat and dark beret. But she’s reading a very different book. This one is titled “Are You Somebody?” Transforming from avian to primate takes a great deal of work, and it’s great to see her using outside resources to bolster the process. But I can answer the question, my fellow traveler: you are indeed somebody – you are a familiar and comforting presence in my meanderings. It’s nice to see you again, and I hope your journey is pleasant and brings you home safe and sound.


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