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Bus Story: The Fearlessness of Small Boys

April 8, 2011

I caught a slightly earlier bus this morning, climbing aboard into the welcome warmth. The morning’s frosty gray covers signs of what may be a more spring-ish day in the making. A handful of Sullen Teens are strewn about the back end of the coach, most of them dozing. A pair of younger lads, maybe 10 or so, are perched on the sideways benches towards the front. They are by no means sullen; they are animatedly discussing something. All I catch are references to stripes, so the subject could be tigers, military insignia, or the best background for spotting ninjas. They are sharing opinions, gesticulating widely, and grinning at the other’s ideas. Then one of them launches into some description or other which includes dramatic facial expressions and body movements that would fit perfectly in the commedia dell arte. He cares nothing for how he may look to the rest of the riders on the ole 54, he is sharing his vision and getting his friend to laugh. It is a shame that, somewhere along the way, we often lose the courage that small boys have to just be ourselves and not care what other people think.


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  1. Oh, so true! Very well-observed, and kinda poignant for me, a father with a 9-year-old whose feet have changed from cute toesies to FEET, but who still believes in the Tooth Fairy (we write really good TF letters from his fairy Edith) and still likes to hold our hand when walking down crowded streets. Sigh… don’t want it to end, as much as we keep nudging him towards independence.

  2. Richard, I don’t believe you’ve totally lost that.

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