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Bus Story: Caravan Capers

April 6, 2011

A Tuesday that feels like it should be Thursday. Lots of life-stuff crammed into two days. The ride home is welcome, and my fellow passengers seem as anxious as I to step out of work and the gray, chilly air into comforts of home. I randomly pick a Pandora station and find myself listening to the exotic, bouncy sounds of Beats Antique. Their mixture of modern and ancient forms is very odd but fun. And through tired eyes, the music transports the ole 54 to a 1940’s movieland-style caravan – draped silks pour from the ceiling and the sounds of pipes and drums roll through the jasmine and spice scented air. My fellow passengers fill the roles of the movies of this era: a young, brash American looking to find treasure and glory, with his slightly dumpy, but funny sidekick sit to my left. A tribal leader, kitted out with a menacing glare and a wicked saber eyes the first two warily, particularly when it comes to his shy, gorgeous and brilliant daughter. A British nanny tries to control twins of the banker and his wife, as they attempt to engage the silent but mysterious Italian noblewoman in conversation. All I need now is Omar Sharif, or John Rhys-Davies, for the lead and we can start shooting the scene. I know I have a megaphone, a beret and a riding crop somewhere…


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