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Not a Bus Story: Seeing the Future without Psychic Powers

March 28, 2011

In the drizzly light, walking from the bus to the office this morning, I stopped at an intersection as my walk sign started blinking and rather than dash, I decided to to wait.   A group called the High Kings was singing about Marie’s Wedding, and my toes tapped a bit as the rollicking, rather infectious, pipes and drums bounced around my head.   Also at the light was a guy on a motorcycle and, next to him an ambulance.  The guy had no helmet, only a light jacket, and was wearing sneakers.  Keep in mind the roads are damp and the sky is dripping.  The ambulance driver turned slightly and noticed the bike and the guy riding it next to them.  The expression on the driver’s face was heartbreaking; a mixture of sadness, anger and resignation.   I could see he was just barely containing himself from shouting, “See you soon!”, to the motorcycle rider.  The Oracle at Delphi and Cassandra are not the only ones who can see into the future; and the pain of their vision is shared among all those with the gift, it seems.


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