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Bus Story: Understanding is Tough Enough, Why Make It Harder?

March 23, 2011

The blossoms are starting to show on the trees and the pale moon, reflecting the sun’s light, sits in the dawn-filled sky. I love that the moon, associated with night, can be seen in the day sometimes. It challenges absolutes. That’s an excellent start to the day, along with catching an earlier bus with Driver Dude and the Sullen Teens. Three girls are sitting to my right, but unlike the star-crossed trio of rides past, these three are each in their own seat. The seat next to each is empty. Not so odd until I realize they are friends and are chatting back and forth with great intensity. Except that the one in the middle is constantly swiveling to relay what the one in front of her said to the one behind her and vice versa. The two on the ends try talking over her, but they keep saying, “What?”, so middle girl transmits the message. In a morning of busting the absolutes, this metaphor came clear for how we, as adults, communicate…or don’t. The middle girl will eventually tire of being the messenger, but let’s hope it doesn’t ruin her friendships first.


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